An hour in the drizzle at Birmingham International Airport

I spent a fairly enjoyable hour or so at BHX on Saturday 21st May 2016. I was there to catch the A380 primarily (see my other vids for that) but I was treated to this collection of Boeing jets as well.

In order of appearance :
Iceland Air – Boeing 757
Thomson – Boeing 737
Qatar – Boeing 787
Ryanair – Boeing 737


Airbus A380 landing at Birmingham International at close quarters!

I found myself in the midlands on 21st May, 2016. So with a few hours to spare I thought I’d catch the Dubai to Birmingham A380 service.

The weather wasn’t great on this spring day so I apologise for the rain on the lens. Even though the weather was a bit rubbish, many locals from the area still came out to join me in watching the worlds largest commercial passenger jet.