Wittmund 2012 playlist

I don’t normally post playlists but it seemed like the right thing to do with these F-4s from Wittmund in 2012.

I’ve only just got round to editing these movies, and uploading them to YouTube, so here they are. They are all shot with my old Sony HDR-SR11 which is no match for my latest camera, but it does a pretty decent job. The main issue with the old SR-11 is that it only shot interlaced footage, and the difference is really obvious. I only wish I had my new camera back then!

I hope you enjoy these old smokey birds!

You can navigate the videos in the playlist using the button at the top left of the player.


F-4Fs at Wittmund Air Base – 4th June 2012

This is an old video that I’ve only just got round to editing and uploading to YouTube. Apologies for the quality, but it was shot with my very first camera!

This was Some general operations from a week long trip to Wittmund Air Base while the F-4Fs were still in service. A fantastic sight and sound!